Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recipe Fail

I thought that the first time I made this recipe and it was a disaster that was just a fluke. So, I tried again last week. I failed miserably and ended up with a barely edible concoction that only vaguely resembled anything recognizable as food. Truly, creamed chicken with peas should not be that difficult. Since I have proven that I can indeed follow a recipe (anyone who has tried my brownies can attest to that), I honestly believe that the failure is due to a poorly constructed recipe. I couldn't even salvage any of it.

The joy is that we ended up ordering pizza. Mmmmmm. Pizza Hut saves the day!


  1. Sometimes I purposefully mess up recipe when I'm in the mood for pizza.

  2. My Hubby is too cheap for that so kudos for you.


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