Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monday (A)Musings

Unpacking boxes has proven to be quite a job. A job that, thankfully is almost done. Well - not done, done, but as much as I can do for the time being. Our basement is being revamped and currently holds many totes and boxes that will need to be put away down there.

Anyway, opening a box is almost like Christmas morning all over again. We lived without most of it for a year and we'd forgotten we'd had some of this junk stuff. The kids have especially enjoyed the opening of the dvd/vcr boxes that held all the movies that they've not seen for a year or so.

Cherie was reintroduced to Winnie the Pooh's Heffalump movie. "Have I seen this one before?" she asked while dancing the dvd case above her head.

"Yep. But it's been awhile. Wanna watch it while Mommy works out?"

"Oh, yes. Oh yes!" was her enthusiastic response. She twirled a bit while wearing her daddy's t-shirt and was momentarily distracted. The movie was popped in, the twirling ended and her eyes got bigger and bigger. I checked in on her several times while she watched. She barely noticed because she was so enthralled with her "new" movie.


"How was it, chickadee? Did you like it?"

"Wow. Wow. And again, I say, Wow! Fumbs up!"

Look out Roger Ebert, there's a dancing princess robed in pink tights and her daddy's t-shirt that's gunning for your job.

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