Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fridge Magnet Friday

One of my love languages is words. And in particular the written word. When The Calm One and I were first married I bought a set of magnetic poetry. Naturally, I gravitated toward the romantic set of magnetic poetry. The idea was for us to leave little romantic love notes via these magnets. And it worked. We both enjoyed discovering the tid bits of love the other had left for us.

Even when the kids were very small we kept up the practice. Then our oldest son began reading. Which kinda quashed some of the edgier love notes. At any rate, between kids' pictures, schedules and reminders of this or that, the magnets were relegated to a storage box.

I found that box today and decided that even though our notes would have to be kid-friendly, there was no reason to not use them. And no reason to not be able to stretch my poetic side. Get the creative juices flowing so to speak.

Here is what I came up with today:

See? I told you, tame. And you were worried.

Are you wearing RED today?


  1. That is a sweet idea. We have Spanish word magnets on our freezer. Sadly, I don't speak Spanish.

  2. well done. My kid is starting to read and spell and it sucks b/c now I have to learn another language in order to talk about anything that is not for kid ears.

  3. ANd given some of those words you really could have gotten steamy. :) Love it!

  4. So simple and yet it made me so happy! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm hosting a giveaway by an artist from NYC, so please stop by, enter, and share with friends!

  5. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day last week...I feel so loved and overwhelmed with all the comments! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond back!

    How sweet was that little verse you wrote...good job bringing the words back out of storage!

  6. How Beautiful! I'm not good at writing (or piecing) poetry, but I sure do enjoy it when others do it well! I think its a great idea to bring them back, can't wait to hear how it plays out now in a new stage. Wonder when your kiddos will leave you messages and what they'll say. {o)

    Blessings, Carolynn

  7. That's a great poem! I love the red color of your mag. poetry set. My set got relegated to the junk drawer when we moved. I don't really want it on the fridge now, but I do want to use it. I just need to buy a magnetic board. Have fun using yours again. What a neat idea to leave each other notes!

  8. I was sitting a bit on the edge of my seat there, yeah! Cute idea! :-)


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