Wednesday, December 31, 2008

M&Ms - always a great choice

Right about now, gift giving may be the farthest thing from your mind. I understand. My birthday is at the end of January and I always suspected that a celebration so close to Christmas and New Year's was a little, well, much. Growing up, any excuse to get together with my aunt and her family was a good one, so I never felt gypped. However, coming up with even more gift ideas, now THAT is the hard part.

Lemme make it easy for you.

How much fun would it be to get a personalized gift? How about a personalized gift that you can design yourself for your loved one? How about a personalized gift that you can eat and it comes in the form of chocolate? Mm-hm. Now, I've got your attention.
How about M&Ms?

The personalization offered by MY M&M'S allows you to customize your gift. Simply visit and pick your colors, messages, and upload your photos, making your order special for all occasions. Imagine how much Grandma would love her grandchild's face on her birthday M&M'S, or how great the bride and groom would look on their wedding favors! The site also offers dozens of gift options to accompany the MY M&M'S, such as candy dispensers, decorative tins, and MLB-themed containers. And new this year, MY M&M'S has even teamed up with Martha Stewart for ideas to make personalized gifts even more special. Each of Martha's MY M&M'S personalized gift options provide easy step-by-step instructions.

I got to play on this site and try out a couple of different ideas. Let's just say, The Cruise Director will be excited when his birthday rolls around and he can hand an M&M treat to his friends at school with his name on them. There are limitations because M&Ms are only so big, but overall it worked out well. And I was able to get the birthday message across. I honestly didn't try to do a photo, but the examples they had on the site looked great.

When I visited this site the first time I'd heard of it (I think about two years ago), I was put off by the cost and how large of an order that had to be placed. My M&Ms have remedied that and now a 7 oz bag costs $14.99. When you think of it as a gift in and of itself, $14.99 isn't too bad. And, since its a consumable, you can give the same person this kind of gift year after year. Just change up the caption or picture. Now, before you resist that idea, remember the person on your Christmas list that ends up with one of those huge sausages and little squares of cheese every single year?!

Aren't M&Ms a much sweeter choice? I think so too.

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