Thursday, December 4, 2008

Havah by Tosca Moon Lee

My eyes are tear-filled. Tears of relief and sorrow. Tears of elation and of grief not my own.

I have just finished reading Havah The story of Eve by Tosca Lee. I thought to give myself time to properly process all I have read, but was afraid to not try to somehow to give voice to my emotions. I am afraid that I won't properly express to you the great empathy, sorrow and joy that I am feeling if I do not immediately put it all into words.

This beautifully written book has affected me deeply. Profoundly. As I knew it would the moment I heard of it.

I hadn't thought much about Eve before now. I was familiar with her brief story outlined in Genesis, but never bothered to flesh out my sketchy ideas of her as the mother of all humankind. Never truly thought about what her life must have been like after she ate of the forbidden fruit.

Until I was challenged by Michelle over at Scribbit. She was holding a Write Away contest with the theme of Color. My mind went to Eve and I began to wonder about the contrasts between her life in the Garden and her Exile. And I wrote a few paragraphs for the contest. But I was never fully satisfied, rather my curiosity was piqued and my mind turned again and again to Eve's role in our history. Mine, and yours.

Yes, yours, dear reader.

A short while later, I came upon Tosca Lee's site. She was holding a giveaway of her book, Havah. I was immediately captivated by the description. Here was a novel, a fictional tale, of how life might have been for Eve. I had to have this book. I actually cast a brief prayer heavenward hoping that I'd win a copy in the giveaway. And I did. When the novel arrived at my door, I ripped open the packaging and just held the book, savoring that moment. And then I put it aside, knowing that as soon as I started the book, I'd be that much closer to it's end. Moments afterward, I could no longer resist and I began to read.

The depths of her imagination and meticulous exploration of Eve's powerful story left me breathless. So beautifully written, that a turn of phrase here and a detailed description there guided me to the feel the sense of wonder that Eve must have felt upon opening her eyes for the very first time. And upon each new discovery after that - from her first meetings with the animals to her relationship with Adam; a pure, guileless, joyful, selfless relationship. The way marriage should be.

And then there are the whispered Words of The God of the Universe meant for her heart alone. She felt his presence so deeply, so intimately that to be bereft of it results in her desire of an ending in this life on earth. To be privy to Eve's communion with the One that Is, made me long for the same kind of relationship with my Creator.

And then there is The Fall.

I'd often wondered how a person could be deceived by a serpent. And one that speaks. But to think of God's greatest enemy as a mere snake is to commit a grave injustice. The reader is presented with such a convincing plot and conniving creature that I caught myself thinking Eve was very strong to have resisted as long as she did.

The stark contrast to the preceding pages left me grieving for Eve. And for each of us that has come after her. As beautiful as the description of the Garden was, it is her life after sin enters the world that haunts. So often while reading later chapters, I wanted to go back to those first chapters before her sin, to ease the sorrow I felt. To, somehow ease Eve's sorrow, as weird as that sounds. Eve longs and, in her way, strives for her former relationship with the One. Though she has many joys throughout her life, it all falls short of her perfect communion with Adonai.

But through the depths of Eve's grief there is Hope. An ever-entwining thread of faith that becomes her life-line. A hope of returning to her former relationship with God. A filling of the void that sin carved upon her soul. The chasm that only God can properly fill. And, by novel's end, she realizes her greatest dream.

We too can have that same Hope. You can have that same Hope.

To take God at His Word, love Him and follow him - as simple and as difficult as that is - is all we need to do. Are you ready to allow Him to fill the God shaped crater in your heart? As happy as you feel from time to time, you will never be content, truly joyful, until you do. In the stillness of your heart, if you are honest with yourself, you are aware that there is something more. And you've tried to fill it with all kinds of things. Some of them good. Some, not so much. But none of it fits. None of it sustains you.

He will. He will, my friend.

Havah renews my ache for Heaven and a perfect, harmonious communion with my Creator. Eve, at least knew perfection for a while, we won't see perfection until Heaven. Are you going? Want to be sure? Click here to find out how.

And then, after you click, pick up Havah, The story of Eve by Tosca Lee.

Hoping to meet you in Heaven, dear reader,


  1. Wow you worded that just beautifully. Sounds like a good read.

  2. Sounds like a book that would make a great Christmas gift.

  3. Wow, Jubilee. What an incredible post. You wrote so powerfully, clearly, passionately. Well written, my friend. You have moved me, and now there is a another book I must read.

  4. Thank you, Jubilee, for your thoughts and wonderful words about Havah. I am so glad it had meaning for you even if it was sad at times--and so glad you won the copy!


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