Tuesday, December 30, 2008

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

This is my favorite mug and inside is my daily dose of caffeine. Please disregard the rather large jar of bread and butter pickles behind it. And the tissue box next to it. And, honestly, what IS that thing you can see through the handle of the mug? I don't even know. I'm not sure I want to. We have issues, m'kay?

But, I digress . . .

Granted, usually my hot beverage of choice would be Tastefully Simple's Oh My! Chai! but lately, it's coffee that has been getting me through the late nights of unpacking.

Okay, who am I kidding? It's the late nights of Facebook playing that dadblamed Word Twist or Pathwords or, gah Scramble.


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  2. hah! You are so silly! That derned FB... and also... yeah - what is that stuff behind the handle of that mug?!!!


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