Thursday, November 6, 2008

New House Update

It's been such a long four and a half days. Long trip to the new house and back to our present dwelling. Lots of primer, lots of paint. Lots of kids running around in a practically empty house and getting into mischief. And constantly asking to "help." I don't need to elaborate further as to why I put 'help' in quotes, do I? Didn't think so .

Lots of books, videos and toys to keep them entertained while Mommy painted and Daddy tore out drywall in the "finished" basement. Then there was the ever present angling for more X-box time and then the kids joined in.

With all that Cherie dubbed the new house as "The Boring House." Great. Just great.

I am painting a tan color in the living/dining area that looks more like terracotta with all the sunshine we get. Good thing I like terracotta. And I wouldn't give up the sunshine for anything. I need my sunshine. So terracotta will work. The color isn't what I thought I was buying. They look so different when you see a wide swath of paint than when you're in under the fluorescent lights looking at a 1X1 paint chip.

Only now I can't do the maroon/Americana accents that I had in mind. Time to change the decorating scheme. Maybe something southwest in nature. The Calm One loves Southwest stuff. I'm sure growing up in Texas has nothing to do with that.

For the master bedroom I am doing a green color called Pesto above the chair rail. Under the chair rail I alternated the Pesto with a slightly darker green called Rosemary. Loving how it looks, though I doubt I'll ever do stripes again. What a pain it was to get the painter's tape perfectly straight. It took over 2 hours to do the lower half of our 12X12 room.

Dadgum painter's tape anyway.

The good thing is that The Calm One likes the paint changes in the living room and bedroom - except for the darker green. He claims there is not enough contrast between the two greens. Maybe I should change his moniker to The Decorating One.

When we were first married he proclaimed "You take care of the inside stuff and I'll take care of the outside stuff" and I gleefully accepted. We obviously were still in the honeymoon phase of the marriage. And I obviously was out of my ever lovin' mind because I mistakenly thought that meant that he'd leave the decorating to me.

I also thought that taking out the trash fell under the "outside stuff" category. "Naive" doesn't seem to quite cover it . . . Except now he does do a pretty good job of taking care of the trash.

And it only took eleven years to train him.

Honestly, I can't wait eleven years for him to work through his inner Design Star. I wanna move in before 2009 rolls around.

Even if it is The Boring House.


  1. Jubilee, you must post some pictures to show us your "inner designer" :D
    Tried to post last night and got knocked off your site. Glad I could get back on!


  2. It all sounds wonderful to me!! I'm soooo looking forward to "settling down" somewhere, buying a home and finally being able to paint/decorate any way I want too!

    I'm so jealous of you, lol!!

    So that has to make ya feel good, right???

  3. Congrats on making your house your HOME! YES, steal my ideas, PLEASE!!


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