Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday (A)Musings

Today the two younger chickadees and I were playing restaurant. After I ordered my spaghetti with meatballs, salad with Ranch and garlic bread (Did I mention that I love my carbs? Oh, I have?), Mark decided that I also needed dessert. And who am I to refuse dessert - real or imaginary?

During the course of our play, I discovered that I may not be allowing them to help in our real kitchen quite enough. Mark flipped through his "indredient" book, found the recipe and "read" it aloud:

"I need fwower {flour}, fwingernails, and mustard."

Hmmm, yeah. Perhaps I'll skip the dessert after all.

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  1. Ah... I knew I liked you. Carb lovers unite!!!!

    And also - bwahahahaaaa!!!! I'd pass on that dessert too! Finger nails are just WAAAAY to chewy for my taste :)

  2. Super funny! Thanks for making me laugh :-)

  3. Oh my. I think that dessert will not be on my Thanksgiving table this year.

  4. From one carb-oholic to another that is one dessert to avoid. Ick!


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