Monday, November 10, 2008

I Think I Can Finally Talk About It

I am loving this picture by Kevin Thom. It's called Melancholy Autumn. This is one of my favorite times of the year, even though it leaves me a bit melancholy.


Something else that leaves me a bit melancholy is the result of the presidential election. So much so that I am only now able to compose anything remotely coherent on the subject. And now that it's nearly a week later and no one's shouted "Just Joking!" I guess I have to face the facts.

I woke up Wed. morning full of hope as I flipped on the tv. I hadn't watched any of the coverage the night before, so I was unaware of how it turned out - technically. I might have been heard telling various family members that I knew Obama would win in the months prior to the election itself, however. Judging from my shock when I heard a soundbite from his victory speech, I guess I thought there was still a chance that McCain would prevail.

And then I had to remind myself of the words my Dad told me one horrifying night as I sat watching the numbers roll in for Clinton. I was sitting on my roommate's bed my junior year of college and I was in tears because I thought that the end of the world as we knew it had come.

In many ways, I was right.

"God is still in control no matter the outcome of this election. Nothing happens without His permission."

I repeated these same words to my son later in the morning on our way to school. I think it was to reassure me just as much as it was for him. He had heard enough dinner time conversations to have an inkling of what it would mean for us under Obama's leadership.

And then I remembered a few other wise words I'd heard recently, "Be careful what you wish for." 63 million people wished for Obama to become president. That was not my wish, but it is my wish to go to Heaven. Perhaps the actions of 63 million people has brought me that much closer to Heaven. And I can be joyful about that. Because no matter what,

God is in control.


  1. Yes He is.........whew!!! Did you read my post "My Fellow Americans"? I too had to wait a bit, before writing because I really was disappointed in how the election turned out.

    Now....we shall see...

  2. My Hubby wants to make bumper stickers for when things go bad "Don't look at me I didn't vote for him."

  3. I was surprised at how disappointed my own children were. We've had the opportunity of talking to them about how we can disagree politically, but we still respect the office of President. I'm cautiously optimistic...(or maybe just in denial??)


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