Wednesday, November 19, 2008

At which point my heart swelled with maternal pride

On the way home from church Sunday morning Cherie was a bit upset. Another little girl in her class had impatiently told the teacher that Cherie "always needs help" with the craft. Her words may have even been accompanied by eye rolling and various other gestures of disgust. Jury is still out on those particular 'facts.'

The mama bear in me wanted to yank that car around and hunt the little missy down, point my finger in her face and tell her what I thought of her and her unkind words. Oh, yeah, didn't we just talk about this? Yes, as a matter of fact we did.

As I was mentally composing my response with proper temperance and yet the compassion that Cherie was so obviously needing, Michael came to the rescue.

"Cherie, some people are just mean. You don't listen to them being mean. Okay? Just ignore them. Do you know what ignore means? It means to pretend they ain't even talkin'. 'Cause no matter what, you are smart. Smart, I tell you. I just know it."

I just know it too, baby. And your brother is pretty smart to boot.


  1. (sniff) That's so sweet!

  2. That's such a wonderful story! And good for you for showing restraint. I probably would have gone after the little twit with a frying pan and etiquette book... :)

  3. What great kids you have!!! You're a wonderful Mom!!

  4. Yes, that is one moment I am surprised your heart didn't pop. What a good job you must be doing to be raising him to be so kind and loving.

  5. How sweet! Your kids sound great! Way to go mom!

  6. sounds to me your doing a great job raising your children Jubilee!! so neat to hear siblings defend and encourage each other..

  7. Cryin'. So precious.

    Came here to tell you I have an award for you, my friend... will post tomorrow (Sunday)...



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