Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me

The Calm One and I decided to do our civic duty a little early this year. Mainly b/c we are hoping to move in the near future and we aren't sure just where we'll be come Nov 4th.

Well, after a neon green flyer from The Cruise Director's school accosted my attention last Friday morning as I was emptying his backback, I know where I'll be come Election Day: chasing after my highly active, sometimes unruly children all over God's Creation. The City Powers That Be thought it was a good idea to cancel school that day for everyone.

I'll pause while the full ramifications of such a wise decision sinks in . . .

What ever happened to "Let's make this as easy as possible for responsible adults to get out and vote"? Evidently that has changed to "We can't seem to find enough public places to set up shop, so let's kick the kids out of school for the day and use their gymnasium. Goodness knows we can't handle kids in class AND their parents in the gymnasium at the same time."

I have news for them: By canceling classes, all those parents who will be arriving to vote, will be bringing their children with them to the gymnasium.

I'm just joyful that I won't be one of them.


  1. Wow! We've always done that here in MD. I remember having off as a kid in elementary school for that reason. I guess I kind of that it was normal and that every state did this....

    (My kids actually have off Oct 31, Nov 3, and Nov 4 this year - go figure!)

  2. Stand outside and unload some unwanted Halloween candy to get the kids all jazzed up.


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