Friday, October 3, 2008

You Found Me, How?!

You never know what you're gonna get when you do an online search. Sometimes you find exactly what you're looking for and other times you end up with your eyebrows embedded in your bangs for an unnatural length of time.

The same goes for when your blog ends up being the end result of some one's search. Sometimes the searchers find what they are looking for and other times, well, you wonder how they found you.

A few curious seekers of information found this little ol' blog through the following searches. I'd hate for anyone to depart my blog not having their query answered. I aim to please, so my responses to the searches are in italics.

gun alternative - There are men related to the Jubilant family who would argue that there is no alternative for a gun. Unless it's maybe a bow-and-arrow. Or possibly this.

toe slightly overlaps another - Hey! Who told?! Oh, wait, I guess it was me.

jubilee pay - I've birthed three children. I've paid over and over and over again.

jubilee land owner - We're working on it. I'd just like to say (again) that buying a house is like going through a box fan backwards and then having a stranger hit you over the head 90 times. Good times.

if mama ain't happy - I'm a work in progress, what else, can I say?

host a book exchange - Stay tuned, dear reader, one is on it's way!
It's Friday! Are you wearing RED?


  1. I have found out that I am a Musical Producer for Jazz, A country Music Artist (though I don't think that my namesake excels in this area), I make furniture, I an an "ar-teest" for what appears to be some disturbing book of illustrations, yes, my moniker has many faces, as do I. Here is a link to one of those otherworldly depictions:

  2. Google searches crack me up sometimes. I love reading through my Google Analytics to find all the ways that people find my blog. Sometimes you can say, "Oh yeah -- I remember that post." And, other times, you say, "What in the world???" LOL


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