Friday, October 24, 2008

Yeah, What He Said . . .

The other day Michael walked into the room while I was watching a grown up sitcom. This is a rare occurrence. Noggin and Disney are the normal viewing fare around here. He stopped mid stride and said, "I love this show! Only, I've never seen it."

"Out, young man!" was my reply. "I thought you were busy with drawing your treasure maps."

"But I know I'd love this show if you'd let me watch it."

"It's a grown up show, honey. I love you too much to let you watch it."

(I have so turned into my parents!)

Michael walked dejectedly from the room, for once not arguing with my decision. I breathed a sigh of relief.

A few days later, after having put the kids to bed a half hour earlier, Michael walked into the room and I immediately switched off the tv wondering how many of the CSI scenes he had caught before making his presence known.

"I can't sleep, Mom. Can I watch that with you? Or do you love me too much?"

Trying to hide a smile I replied, "Yeah, honey, it's a grown up show. Not for kids."

He forced a big sigh through his lips and muttered, "I hate it when you love me so much!"


  1. Aww to cute. How kids remember things.

  2. Good for you for loving him enough to protect his childhood. I think we'd have a lot less problems in this world if more people loved their kids that much.

  3. how cute!! I wasn't sure at first if Michael was your son or husband... LOL...



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