Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's All Fun and Games . . .

The Calm One and the boys were playing X-Box, one of their favorite past times. Usually their gaming includes a lot of laughing and shouting.

During all of the commotion I heard Whirling Dervish shout: "Dad, you did it! You are so good at this. That's why you're my hero!"

Daddy worship. He'll take it where he can get it.


  1. Just remember they always say on TV they love their momma. ;)

  2. Isn't that the best!

  3. Left you something on my blog.

  4. Greatest American Hero? I remember that show. My mom and dad only let my sis and I watch an hour of TV a day. I remember hangin with her and spending our 60 minutes on that show. Aaaahhhh. The memories.

    Being a "Great Hero" to my own trio of terribly terrific tricksters, I have enjoyed those words firsthand and will always cherish them. But at the end of the day Joanna is correct because it is their momma who is the main recipient of the X's and O's that are given around here. =)


  5. Daddy worship.. Girls idolize their dads and so should we idolize our heavenly daddy. thank you for your inspirational blog!!



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