Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunday's Soul Stirrings

Recently I was at the grocery store pawing through ears of sweet corn, which, by the way at 10 ears for $2 was sweet indeed. As I was pulling back the husk of ear number eight, I overheard a conversation between two other customers.

Man: "Ears look good?"

Woman: "Some of 'em."

Man: (holding up an ear of partially insect eaten corn) "These here are the ones you wanna get."

Woman: "Those are the ones I always put back, try to avoid."

Man: "Well, I figure if the insects liked 'em they're good 'nuff for me."

I think he was kidding.

At any rate, later that evening, as I was cleaning the corn I had purchased, I was thinking about the gentleman and how what he'd said is similar to God's attitude toward us.

I am guessing an explanation maybe in order. Allow me.

How easy it is for us to shy away from people who look or act a little, mealy, shall we say? Like life has chewed them up a bit and left the rest for someone else. The less desirable of the bunch.

And, yet, God doesn't have that reaction at all. He loves us regardless of our outward appearance. He loves us regardless of whatever mess we happen to be into. He doesn't just toss us aside without another thought.

Of course, it won't always be that way. Time's running out.

But for now, His arms are open wide, willing to gather us together, clean us up and make us fit for His use. So, who am I to take a pass, so to speak, on others who don't look or act or, A-hem, vote like I do?

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  1. So true. What a great post.

    This is something I've been dealing w/too!

  2. Very similar message at church.


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