Sunday, September 14, 2008

Peep O' The Week

It's time for Peep O' The Week! I am thinking I skipped a week or two somewhere in there, please forgive me. Once The Calm One returns to his regular work schedule, then I can put a little more focus on the ol' blog.

I know, I know, "get on with it already!"

This week's peep is Antbebee for her comment on my Making the Leap for Monday (A)Musings post

Oh, I used to LOVE to watch School House Rocks ! These were a cute fun way to learn. I'm gonna let (make) my son watch them !

Interjection !

I'm just a bill.

I loved them all !

Thanks for the reminder !

Gotta give props to another School House Rock fan! Thanks Antbebee. You can copy and paste your award to your blog with pride.

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