Monday, September 15, 2008

On a Date with The Women

Soon The Calm One and I are going on a date. Just us. No kids. Now, I realize that to many a "date" with your husband means no kids. Well, we here in the Jubilant household have been doing things a little differently lately.

The kids have been having "Daddy dates." Where each of our children get to go out with Daddy on their own. I love this tradition. And with The Calm One's recent deployment they have a lot of missed out "Daddy dates" to make up for. So, I encourage this tradition.

But, now, it's MY turn. And guess where he's taking me? To a movie. And not just any movie, dear reader, but a chick flick! Oh, yes he is! HE doesn't know it yet, but it's gonna happen. If he knows what's good for him, it's gonna happen.

I can make all out statements like that since he's too busy going out on Daddy dates to read my blog. (Ooooooo, snarky, snarky!)

I have a wider range of movie interest/tolerances than my husband. While I might be interested in three or four movies at any given time, he is interested in only seeing one. The one with the biggest, most alarming weapons blowing up large soon-to-be air born objects at the most exhilarating rate possible. And if it involves any one of the four branches of the military in it's plot, then it's a bonus.

For us that means that chick flicks get relegated to the back burner. I get to watch them while slurping a 59 cent Coke from Circle K and eating popcorn from the microwave bag. I so wish I were kidding. We are big spenders 'round these here parts. And I watch while The Calm One has fallen asleep yet again.

Not this time.

The kind folks at has sent two comp tickets to yours truly to see the newly released movie The Women. (Thanks Dove!) The Calm One will die while I am in chick flick heaven. Don'tcha love Debra Messing's facial expressions? Love her! And how can a gal go wrong with a Meg Ryan movie? That hair! Those pouty lips! You've Got Mail, anyone?!

Here's what the Dove people have to say about The Women:

The Women is a fast-paced, witty and emotional look at all things female, including loyalties, betrayals, careers, families and most of all, friendships. A remake of the 1939 classic film, The Women features an all-female cast of distinguished actresses, including Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith, Cloris Leachman, Bette Midler and Candice Bergen.

and this is why I am so impressed with the people over at Dove:

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is a global effort that is intended to serve as a starting point for societal change and act as a catalyst for widening the definition and discussion of beauty. The campaign was created in 2004 after the brand commissioned a global study that found that only two percent of women around the world describe themselves as beautiful. Employing various communication vehicles - advertising, a Web site, billboards, events and a Self-Esteem Fund - the campaign invites women to join in the discussion about beauty and share their views of it with women around the world. Women's response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive; nearly 4 million visitors have joined the conversation at
Now, I realize that posting about a movie I have yet to see is risky. Some may argue that taking one's husband to a movie that features devastatingly beautiful women is an even bigger risk. I am willing to take the chance this one time.

Because honestly, I am interested in what in the world a movie with amazing looking women could have to say to the average woman, like me, about beauty.

Sound a bit cynical? Maybe. But I am prepared to have my finally-on-a-date, joyful socks blown off. While holding a $4.00 Coke and a $6.50 tub of theater popcorn.

Just sayin'.


  1. We do Daddy dates too! We also do Mommy dates.

    And I hope you guys enjoy your "date night" and I can't wait to hear about the movie.

  2. Can't wait to hear your take on the movie. Hubby said no way so I'm trying to find someone to go see it with me.

  3. calmone9/17/2008

    as long as there is explosions in the chick flick, and oh by the way I do read your blogs I'm not too busy on daddy dates

  4. Some one is obviously impersonating my husband!


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