Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday (A)Musings

I am thinking that most of the men related to the dear readers of this blog and to the Jubilant family do not need this video reminder. But it's fun to watch anyway. It's my bit o' joy for the day. Not that I'm not open to many more joyful things for today, you know.

Just sayin'

(hat tip to Michelle of Scribbit whose Twitter post lead me to Chilihead's blog Don't Try This At Home where this video was included. I hope I am giving proper credit to all involved. Credit where credit is due and all that . . .)

Tim Hawkins - Things you don't say to your wife


  1. Too funny! Oh, and I left you an award on my blog!

  2. Too funny.Thanks for the laugh. Thanks again for the encouragement and thoughts you have left to me in this difficult time on my blog. I appreicate it alot.


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