Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mommy and Noah's Bark

Some would argue that I am too old for naps. (Old? Who, me?) I love them. I'd take a nap whenever and where ever I could get them. My kids, not so much. They'd rather do just about anything to avoid taking a nap. And really and truly, they are probably past the point of taking regular naps.

Anyway, yesterday Mark desperately needed a nap and I had the task of trying to wake him up. He tends to be grumpy after he naps. So grumpy in fact that I often allow him to skip his naps even though I could use the hour or so to myself.

When I went to wake him (to assure that he didn't sleep so much that he wouldn't sleep last night) I decided to wake him with kisses. He initially pushed me away and sleepily said, "Get off me!"

I giggled and kissed him some more. He opened an eye, closed it again and said, "You need to move over dere so the cow can make chocolate milk."

Somebody had been dreaming some big dreams. I waited, he opened his eyes fully, realized what he'd said and we both giggled.

My giggling didn't last long, however.

"Mommy, did you know him in da Olden Days?" Obviously he wasn't as awake as I'd thought.

"Who in the olden days, honey?" I knew I was setting myself up for a potential eek moment.

"Not Noah in my class. Noak and da bark. In da Bible, you were there."

Pass the wrinkle cream, please. And can I have a nap to go with that?


  1. Random sleepy mublings are one of my favourite things, they can be so funny. My boyfriend was once watching a comedy show in bed as I slept and apparently I was laughing along. He studies maths and once just blurted out in the middle of the night, "four times its length!"...he'd obviously been battling some kind of maths problem in his sleep.

  2. No one is every too old for naps. Love them myself :)


  3. That's awesome! Our kids...


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