Thursday, August 21, 2008

Presenting: Her Majesty, The Band-Aid Queen

We go through a lot of Band-Aids here at the Jubilant household. A lot. Our three year old son is fearless and reckless and always in need of a bandage "to make it all better, Mommy."

Recently though, our petite, demure, mostly non-rambunctious princess has decided that she wanted to jump on the Bandage Wagon. She has now been dubbed "The Band-Aid Queen." And she loves the title. Yeah, we actually call her that. At her request. Because subjects of the queen, must do as their asked, right? And besides, it's hilarious how much joy she derives from the attention.

The Queen can often be seen with multiple bandages on various appendages all at once. 'Cause, once she gets goin' she finds all kinds of boo-boos and ouchies that necessitate immediate mommy medical attention. In fact, she's been known to insist on a band-aid for boo-boos that are no longer visible to the naked eye. "But it was there just last week!" she says incredulous that the ouchie has not deigned to make an appearance at her will.

This picture, doesn't do The Queen or her Royal Ouchies justice, but you get the idea. And to her credit, in this picture, she did have seriously chapped hands.

Perhaps The Band-Aid Queen will fully utilize the Royal Hand Towel in the future!

Originally posted on Nov. 16, 2007

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  1. That's funny. My kids never got into the band-aid thing.

    But when my brother was little he was terrified of them! You didn't even think of going near him with one unless you wanted to hear him scream!


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