Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some Linky Love -- Comin' Right Up

So, I am still in the process of reading through my favorite blogs that I have neglected over the last week. They do pile up, don't they?

At any rate, I was reduced to tears (the good kind) while reading through some of Big Mama's posts from the last week -- or two. (I did mention I was a bit behind, didn't I?) The girl can write. She can make me laugh so hard that the Coke I was drinking becomes a dangerous projectile and she can make me have sudden cravings for bean and cheese nachos like no one else can. Unless it's DeeDee.

Anyway, instead of a real post from me, go check out this post. Or even better this post. You'll see what I mean. Then you'll add her to your regular reading repertoire. And then we can all share in the joy of worrying about projectile liquids and craving TexMex .

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