Thursday, June 19, 2008

So Gotta Have It

Rarely do I fall into the "I've gotta have it" scenario. With five mouths to feed on a military paycheck, one cannot afford to start thinking in those terms on a regular basis.

And yet. You knew it was coming, dear reader . . .

The following great products I most assuredly can no longer live without.

Coleman's Cooler Quad Chair
Good Housekeeping rated this as their highest scorer in their Best Portable Chair review. It has a padded back, a spacious seat ('cause you know the kids are gonna want to pile on your lap) , program pocket, an extra large cup holder (Lime Coke anyone?) and a side cooler. I said it, A SIDE COOLER! You can check out the details here.

Expanding Surge Protector
Dontcha hate it when you can only use three or four (out of the six) sockets in a surge protector? Those bulky power adapters will no longer cover those other valuable sockets b/c Socket Sense expands from 13 to 18 inches. Now, why didn't I think of that?! You can find Socket Sense by clicking here.

Adhesive Wrapping Paper
Hallmark has introduced their adhesive gift wrap line and I'll be next in line to purchase, thankyouverymuch! Seriously, I know it may seem frivolous, but with only two hands and three kids who want to take over help, the tape dispenser either ends up somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle or yours truly becomes the transparent tape mummy.

The entire back side of the paper is sticky and it supposed to peel off of boxes or fabrics without leaving a mark. Excuse me for a moment . . .

Boys, where is your sister? Your sister - where is she?! What do you mean, "We've lost Cherie?" She was just here a minute ago . . .

I'll letcha know how well it peels off of a disgruntled daughter when her brothers get over eager to help. A-hem.

You can find all fourteen prints by clicking here. My favorites are the Blue Damask and the Red, White and Black wraps.

Water Colors Tote
Isaac Mizrahi for Target has introduced this mod carryall tote. It's easy to clean since it's vinyl and it's vibrant aqua and green hues scream "Take me to the beach already!" And it's only $20! Need I say more?

What's YOUR most recent gotta have?


  1. Was the sister found? :) Your list - good one! I am having a hard time feeling like I can live without a road bike. Skinny tires... oohlala!

  2. myra@wemakethree.com6/21/2008

    love the list! now i HAVE to get that tote. thanks for contributing to the shrinkage in my bank account.

  3. Anonymous6/22/2008

    That surge protector is ingenious. Love it!!


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