Monday, June 9, 2008

"Ice Cream!" You Scream? . . . I Have Just The Thing

(sometimes I crack myself up -- which is a really good reason to blog -- or maybe it's the whole reason I blog)

So, there I was minding my own business, wandering down the frozen dairy section of the local mart and trying to ignore the fudgcicles when, inexplicably, my eyes landed on the ice cream sandwiches from Skinny Cow. Then I saw the chocolate ones, the chocolate peanut butter ones and the mint ones. Oh, the mint. . . it calleth my name even now.

I had heard of the many wonderful qualities of the Skinny Cow from a highly trusted bloggy source (thanks boomama!) though until tonight, I had never seen them in my grocery. It took all of seven seconds to decide that I could no longer in good conscience rely on the words of another and had to try them for myself. Call it a sacrifice for the sake of snacking research, dear reader.

I do. And have, several times this week alone. A-hem.

Usually when I opt for any type of ice cream it is of the chocolate variety. I rarely choose anything other than my beloved chocolate. It's not that I don't like other flavors, I do. It's just that if I am going to pay actual money for my dairy delights, then I want to be sure that I get my absolute favorite. However, that particular night I decided that if I was going to put Skinny Cow to the test, I was going to really do it right. Really give them a chance to wow me.

In my opinion, most fat free and nearly fat free ice cream tends to be grainy and metallic tasting. Not Skinny Cow. Oh, no. Dear reader, I do not exaggerate when I say it was good.
Real good

Just enough mint flavor -- definitely not overpowering. And I honestly could not tell that the ice cream and the cookie were nearly fat free. Now, that is really saying something. The two cookies were perfect chocolaty bookends to the creamy textured filling. Just like an ice cream sandwich should be. Move over ice cream Snickers bars, there's a new snack takin' up some of your freezer space. (Gasp! Did I say that - out loud?)

The best part is that Skinny Cow boasts 97% fat free and only 140 calories (for the mint). Now, my friend, how can a person go wrong with stats like that?

And I can't wait to try the chocolate and the chocolate peanut butter kind. Ice cream heaven, my friend, ice cream heaven.

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  1. My friend, my friend... I love me some Skinny Cow. I get boxes at Costco. One time, I had a coupon and I bought 2. Oh yes... I share the same sentiments as you - very good treat!


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