Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's In Your Car? Carnival - Part II

Well, the deed is done. I feel cleansed in mind and body and in vehicle. Oh, the joy that floods it's six cylinder soul. . .

Yes, dear reader, I have hurtled over the obstacle that loomed large in my day and I am a better blogger for it. So, maybe the mommy-mobile is better off than I am, but I am OK with that. It is now a spot o' joy once again (now if that pesky check engine light would just go off).

And now, what you've been waiting for . . .

In random order (just as they appeared when I opened the car door)

*2 McDonald's toys (Considering I have three kids and Mickey D's is quite a hot spot, 2 toys isn't too bad, right? Right?! A little validation, please, someone, anyone?)

* A partially colored kid's menu from Red Robin -- crayons, MIA

* 2 snack baggies full of foam stickers that were supposed to adorn my mother's day gift

* 5 different preschool projects

* flashlight

* ice scraper (hey it's Ohio and an ice storm could happen at any moment)

* bottle of Tylenol (I did mention I have three kids, right?)

*baby wipes - you never out grow the need for them evidently

* quart sized baggie full of matchbox cars

* pair of The Calm Ones work gloves

* shoe mat from repair shop that didn't actually repair my car but charged me $700 anyway

* Texas A&M button

*set of keys to various unknown locks

* Eagle and flag coaster that doesn't fit in our cup holder

* hand wipe from a restaurant that pretends it's name refers to the call of an owl - we've never been to that restaurant, just for the record

*3 pronged plug adapter

*blue tooth earpiece

* map of the U. S.

* hand sanitizer

* cell phone charger

* mismatched pair of kid's gloves (one purple, one red)

* (unopened) bag of beef jerkey

* boonie hat

* pink purse with stuffed dog inside

* laminated preschool songbook

* 3 kids camp chairs (one red, one lime green, and one purple)

* one adult camp chair (A&M red)

* 2 quarts motor oil

* flannel sheet (still folded, small miracle)

* empty water bottle

* several "green" grocery bags

* 2 plastic bags - oh, the angst!

* boxed back massager

* empty Mc Donald's bag

* paper cup

* paper Royal Ranger award

* 3 school papers

* nine bits of styrofoam from a long deceased Sunday school project

* 37 cents in change

* Arby's receipt (order # 111)

* pen and pencil - neither of which work, go figure.

Whew! So, most of that is now residing in various parts of the house. I am not sure if that's really any better, but at least the car is cleaned out.

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  1. Texas A&M button?! Whoop!! Class of '90.


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