Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quick Reminder (or two)

Just a couple of quick reminders:

My Pay It Forward book exchange (sponsored by Overwhelmed With Joy) will end on May 20th. I am giving away the book Finding Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson.

If you have a teen age girl (or a tween) in your house, this book is worth checking out. You can find an excerpt from the book and book exchange rules by clicking here. When I last checked there were 13 books, a CD and a DVD up for grabs over at Overwhelmed With Joy. Cool.

Also, tomorrow is Friday (but, I bet you knew that) and therefore it's Red Friday. How about showing your support for our troops by wearing red? I will be.

There's another post in the works, but I am not sure that it'll be finished for today. The laundry is requiring my attention. There is much laundry to be done. Loads and loads, in fact. Ha! And for some reason the kids want some attention too. Hmmmm . . . kids/laundry . . . kids/laundry. Not really rocket science, is it?

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