Friday, April 4, 2008

There Goes the Neighbor(hood)

The conversations between my two youngest children are sometimes entertaining, sometimes extremely juvenile (as can be expected from  three and four-year old siblings), and sometimes surprising.

Like today for example. Upon finishing their lunches they decided to play "house game" in which Cherie calls herself by my name, Mark calls himself by my husband's name and they call each other, "honey" (cute, huh?!) Since I was a little preoccupied with salad fixin's and attempting to ignore the potato chips, my Mommy powers were a bit off. But I tuned in somewhere mid-conversation when I heard Cherie asking, "Neighhhhhbor? Neighhhhhhhhhhbor! Are you my neighbor? Who is my neighbor?"

A torrent of past sermons flooded my mind as I considered whether or not to jump into the conversation. And if I did, how much of a hermenutic exegesis could two children under the age of five handle? (When was the last time you were able to work that phrase into everyday conversation? Okay, Jon S. you can, but anyone else out there?! I'm just sayin'.)

In the midst of such lofty thought processes (a-hem) Mark jumped right in. "It's everybody our neighbor is. Look and see." Grammatical blunders aside, this was from my three year old?! Somebody has been listening in Sunday School. My chest expanded with maternal pride as I contemplated that you just never know what those little minds remember and how receptive they are to the things of God.

And then as he was leaving the room, out came his next words, "But not me. No way. I not your neighbor. I your brudder."

Are you wearing your Red today?


  1. How precious! I know we're not supposed to be prideful, but in this case I think you have good reason to be proud of those little ones!

  2. That's priceless! Thanks for sharing. I needed to smile today.

  3. I agree - So much more is "caught" than "taught". They are getting much more than we think they are...

    All the more reason to be their first Jesus!

    Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job!!


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