Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So Not Worth the Weight

A couple of dear readers have been kind enough to inquire about my weight loss journey. Journey sounds so much better than efforts or program. With the word journey it is (almost) reality show worthy sounding isn't it?!

And thank you for your polite interest. It may awaken the devilish delight of the pesky little imp I like to call Perpetual Hunger, but for you, dear reader, it's worth the risk. Since ya'll asked, and I am a people pleaser by nature, here's the scoop.

I won't say the journey has been harrowing, but it ain't been pretty. There has been a lot of sweat and tears -- sometimes at the same time. The good news is that I've lost a total of 15 lbs. The bad news is that it's been the same five pounds once, twice, thrice. Yeah, to say it's been a struggle is an understatement of Biggest Loser proportions. But five pounds is five pounds, right? Right!

Admittedly, that for the first two months or so I was an extremely reluctant participant. And my efforts were minimal. Unfortunately, this coincided with the time I happened to be paying someone else to weigh me and then tell me what I could no longer eat.

Then I realized that not only did I weigh more than I did with any of my pregnancies, but I weighed more than Ronde Barber, the cornerback for Tampa Bay. (I only know that courtesy of Michael's football trading cards. I think the recycling bin is about to see a little more action . . . I'm just sayin'.) That is just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong! A sign such as that, I could have done without. And yet, it did get my attention. That little bit of info should have embarrassed a pound or twelve right off of me. Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy. (Do you know the origin of the word embarrass? It's enough to well, be embarrassing. Look it up. I double dog dare you.)

I did, however, decide that I needed to kick it in high gear. And I've been working out like a maniac. I know I cannot keep up this pace forever, I just want to get a jump start b/c bathing suit season is closer than I am presently comfortable with.

And if the thought of having to wear a maternity swimsuit with various spandex panels and knee length skirt when your aren't pregnant isn't motivation enough, Ye Olde Family Reunion looms large in the too near future. I will not arrive with as much extra poundage as I currently possess. I refuse. I won't be at my ideal weight, but hopefully I'll be well on my way. (Ha! I couldn't resist that, could you?!) I don't want to have to make excuses as to why I haven't shown up -- yet again. Luckily I only have that pressure every other summer. And the only one applying pressure is me.

I missed the last family reunion, but I won't tell you that it was because of my weight issues. Three children under the age of five + a 12 hour trip + major sleep deprivation. Feel free to draw your own conclusions . . .

So, dear reader there you have it. Just thinking of all this is enough to call it a day, let alone trying to find the joy in it. I guess I can say that I am thankful that I haven't gained more weight than I started out with -- this time around, that is. That's always a good thing. And today, it'll have to double for the joyful thing too!

(For other humorous weight related cartoons you can click here. The first one on the page is the one I really wanted to post, but didn't want to have to pay for the royalties. My not using it in spite of copyright laws is proof of my over developed sense of doing the right thing. I can't get away form it. I'm just sayin'.)

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