Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Chico Bag

It's works for Me Wednesday and I've finally come up with a tip so that I can participate.

(This is not a paid ad for Chico Bag, I am just so happy with my own purchases, that I had to share my joy. Although if anyone at Chico Bag is reading this and wants to send me a bag or twelve, I am sooooo not opposed to the idea!)

Tryin' to get rid of all the plastic angst? Wanna go green, but think you can't afford it? I know just how you feel. Goin' green is not always cheap, so when I find a product that helps me go green, be stylish and doesn't cost me my firstborn son, I am all for it. I have found all three in this little bag called The Chico Bag.

Each bag has it's own pouch sewn on the inside of it, so it's a snap to make the bag compact enough to throw into your purse. In addition, each bag has a clip that you can clip onto your purse or a belt loop or other Chico bags. There are a variety of colors to choose from: black blue, purple, pink, brown, green, mango and a more.

I even gave Chico Bags as part of our gifts to family and friends at Christmas last year. At only $5 a piece, they are inexpensive enough to do that! That's right, only $5.

For each one.

And every fifth bag is free.

So, for $17 less than the price of four bags from the competition, you get five bags from Chico Bag. And Chico Bag has a recycling program that turns old Chico bags into rugs and various other items. So, it's like recycling your recycling. Grand!

Here are a few facts of single use bags, according to the Chico Bag site
  • The average American uses between 300 and 700 plastic bags per year.
  • If everyone in the United States tied their annual consumption of plastic bags together in a giant chain, the chain would reach around the Earth not once, but 760 times!
  • According to the American Forest and Paper Association, in 1999 the U.S. alone used 10 billion paper grocery bags, requiring 14 million trees to be cut down.
  • Plastic bags don't biodegrade, they photo-degrade--breaking down into small toxic bits contaminating soil and waterways and entering the food-chain when mistaken for zooplankton or jellyfish.

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  1. Thanks- I'll check these out! It would also be great to throw one in my suitcase next time we travel...

  2. Exactly! Good idea! I use the bags for library trips, grocery trips, overnight bags for my kids, endless possibilities . . .

  3. Love those reusable bags!


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