Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Snow, There Is So Much Of It

Our winter started out so mild. We had a little snow for Christmas which is always nice, but hardly any snow in December or January. I, personally, was delighted. I could do without snow for the rest of my life and not be too disappointed. Except for the cute pictures of the kids' rosy cheeks and scarfed snowmen. I would miss that, I must confess.

Then along came February. Our children had four days off of school. And there's been quite the snowfall these past few days. Seems to me that the snow should be tapering off toward March, right?! I know that March has some snow more often than not here in Ohio, but, wow, the snow has been a-fallin' with now sign of it lettin' up any time soon.

I think Cherie expressed it best with her original rendition of "Snow, snow, go away . . ." It sounded suspiciously like another weather related song that is appropriate for April. Anyway . . .

While I don't exactly share Calvin's view of existence vs. nonexistence (okay, I don't share it at all . . . but you have to admit, it IS funny!), I certainly relate to the snow creature's horror when I think of the prospect of even more snow this winter.

Guess I better go make sure there are fresh batteries in the camera and haul the kids outside. Hey, maybe I'll get some good scrapbook layouts out of it all!

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