Thursday, March 20, 2008

Most of you will wonder just exactly what this post is about specifically. And at least one of you will know.

This blog is to be centered around finding joy -- true joy, God's joy -- in any given situation. You are welcome here, but hatred and vulgar language are not. There are other forums where that is considered the norm.

It will not be tolerated here.

You must be a new reader of this blog or you would have known that. And if you are truly willing to stand behind what you said, you would not have hidden behind anonymity.

And yet, strangely, therein lies the joy.

Though I am left to wonder about who you are and what your story may be that such vehemence roils in your precious, hurting heart, you can rest assured that God knows you. He knows your story and your heart. Through and through.

And He loves you. Accept that Love, won't you?

And in reference to the theme of your comment, there's just one more thing to say: The Ancient of Days is a Righteous Judge and He will right all wrongs.

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