Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Bits O' Snowy Joy

Overheard today in the Jubilant household -- our third snow day in a row:
(You can imagine my responses, so I'll spare you my end of each conversation)

*"He's pointing his icicle at me!"

*"What if the whole world was an icicle?!"

*"Mommy! Look, I'm your snow angel."

*Child #1: "I want the big shovel!" child #2: "No! I want the big shovel!" child #3 "I'll take the little shovel Mommy. It's just like me."

*"What would happen if I shoveled all the snow in the whole world?"

*"Do we have to eat grilled cheese a-gain?!"

*"What if the whole world was made out of cheese?"

*"Any hot chocolate left?"

*"How long would it take to drink all the hot chocolate in the whole world?"

And that was all before lunch (which wasn't grilled cheese, by the way.)

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