Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday's Mouthful of Joy -- Beef International

Perhaps it is because of my current weight loss endeavors that I am nostalgic for the comfort food I grew up loving. The following recipe is one of those yummy dishes that would make anyone long to go off of their diet new-fangled way of eating. I, however, will limit myself to just posting about it. And letting my mouth water over the very mention of each tasty ingredient. (This is not your mama's beef stroganoff dish. Which I am sure is as lovely as your mama. But this is so. much. better.)

On second thought, why am I torturing myself this way? Ah yes, dear reader, it is for you. All of you who aren't on a diet are at a weight you're comfortable with and have the option of eating any thing you want.

If it weren't a sin, I'd be jealous of you. There. I said it. Brand me with a scarlet letter J if you must, but be quick about it before I go off of my diet new way of eating and double or triple the following recipe and eat it all. by. myself.

Go on, I say, go on.

Beef International

1 lb. steak,cut in strips
2 green peppers (red are pretty too) cut in strips
2 onions sliced and separated into rings
2 Tbs butter
1/2 c. water
salt and pepper to taste
1 can cream of celery soup
*1 cup (or more if you desire -- I do) Miracle Whip
noodles of your choice (I've found that wide egg noodles are my favorite and a 12 oz bag will feed four nicely)

Brown steak in butter, salt and pepper to taste. Add green pepper strips, onion rings and water. Simmer 1/2 hour (or longer for less tender cuts of steak). Obviously, the longer you cook the vegetables, the mushier they will become. I tend to cook the vegetables for just a short time so they remain somewhat crunchy. Not raw crunchy. Just firm to the bite. Drain off the liquid into a separate dish.

While noodles are cooking, mix together soup and Miracle Whip then add enough of drained liquid to make the sauce as thin or as thick as you'd like. (My suggestion: use it all my friend, use it all!)
Add soup mixture to beef and vegetables and then mix in the noodles. Heat through.

*Miracle Whip is the secret of this tasty sauce. It's what provides the zip. And it's all about the zip, people! Under no circumstance, dear reader, is it okay to use mayo. The continents will begin to shake, oceans will dry up and life as we know it won't be worth living.

I'm just sayin'.



  1. Yum! I'm not at my happy weight either but that sounds like I need it!

  2. There's nothing like comfort food to warm this southern girl's heart. While at the same time expanding her waistline. :)


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