Monday, December 3, 2007

Olive Oil -- the food, not Popeye's ridiculously skinny girlfriend, Olive Oyl

My grandpa, aka, Big Daddy, was such a tease. And a teacher. We loved his jokes, sitting on his lap, his impromptu Bible lessons and the way he only sang a word or three from whatever song was jangling around in his head at the time. And then there was the occasional odd question that would pass over his lips.

He once asked a timid 12 year old (me) if I thought is was better to be ignorant or was it better to be stupid. Out of the blue, just like that. See what I mean about the odd questions? From his demeanor I knew that he was trying to teach me, though for the life of me, I didn’t know what.

Neither choice sounded like a good idea to me. “Ignorant” sounded a whole heck of a lot worse than “stupid” at the time. He then went on to explain the difference between the two terms.

Ignorance is just a lack of knowledge. It can be overcome, changed.

Why do I bring this up? Well, in my quest to eradicate my own ignorance in being more healthy and environmentally conscious, I happened upon some useful information and thought I would share it with you. Just in case, you were like me and not aware of the following info. Now, dear reader, I am not saying you are ignorant – or stupid for that matter – please, do not misunderstand. Because, it’s all about joy, my friends. And in this case, the joy of olive oil, the food. If these were interesting uses for Olive Oyl, it'd be a whole different kind of post. Funny perhaps, but maybe not so family friendly!

But, I digress. . .

Interesting uses for Olive Oil – whoda thunk?

1. Shave. It can provide as close a shave as shaving cream.

2. Unstick a zipper. Apply oil with a Q-tip to the teeth of the zipper, but avoid touching the fabric itself.

3. Silence squeaky doors. Lubricate the top of hinges and let oil run down the sides.

4. Prevent wax from sticking to a candle holder. Just a thin coat on the base of the holder before inserting a candle and dripped wax should peel away easily.

5. Pet care. Add 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon to your cat’s food to help prevent hair balls.

6. Moisturize cuticles. Just a dab will do ya and rub in.

7. Treat dry skin. Rub a thin layer over the skin after showering.

8. Shine stainless steel. It’s safe and it won’t dull or corrode like ammonia and other standbys.

9. Dust wooden furniture.

10. Remove eye makeup. Just a dab under the eyes and rinse off with a washcloth.

And there you have it. Do you have any interesting uses for olive oil? Wanna share?


  1. Oh. my. gosh. Who knew?!

  2. And to think I just thought it was good for you.


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