Sunday, December 30, 2007

I hadn't planned on posting tonight, however . . .

It's come to my attention that photos seem to be dropping out of my posts. Imagine that. On Blogger. Hmmmm. The html code is there, but they aren't showing up where they once were -- or at all. Don't know how to fix this as I am basically as un-computer savvy as a person can possibly can be.

If you're expecting to find a picture in a particular post (say, "If Mama Ain't Happy . . ." for example) and there isn't one, I apologize.

Evidently Bogger and Google heard my tiny little rant the other day and have decided to take action. I must've hurt their collective feelings. So sad.

Small potatoes indeed.

Now, to find the joy in it all . . . uh . . . give me a minute . . . on second thought, this may take more than a minute . . . still with me?

I've got it! In spite of being terribly frustrated, I didn't "lose my salvation over it!" (Not that there was ever really a chance of that, I'm just sayin'.) Now there's a topic for controversy if I'd ever heard one. And if you haven't a clue what I am talking about, email me and we'll chat.

For tonight, though I'll have to close. Blogger and Google be afraid, be very afraid.

Or not, whatever.


  1. Obviously, they don't have any idea who they are messin' with!!

  2. Anonymous1/01/2008

    And I thought you were talking to me.


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