Thursday, December 27, 2007

After Much Waving of the Wand . . . Nothing

One afternoon I was fixing lunch and half listening to my children play in the living room. Cherie had just received a new princess dress and wand. Michael had initialy commandeered the wand "just to show her how it works." Once he returned it after maternal urging (read as: threats of a lunchless afternoon) Cherie's enjoyment knew no bounds. She was happily dancing around the room and singing. And singing some more. And singing even more. There was evidently much waving of the wand to accompany the singing and dancing.

Suddenly the singing stopped and she appeared at my elbow. "Abra 'Dabra," she said with a confident wave of her wand followed by various lights and music. I looked over at her with raised eyebrows. "Abra 'Dabra, Mommy!" Again, more waving, lights and music.

Uh, Okaaaaay . . . my eyebrows felt as if they were permanently embedded into my bangs.

A big sigh escaped from her little body with so much force that I feared the pile of mail that had yet to be removed from the kitchen table would soon find itself on the floor. "It's not working, Mommy!" One hand held the wand toward me for closer inspection, the other resided on her hip punctuating her exasperation.

"Let me see. Push the button." She complied and the wand lit up and the music played as designed. "Well, honey, it looks like it's working pretty well. What else do you expect it to do?"

Another sigh and the papers rustled in response. "I push da button and say da magic words, but you not disappearin'!" She left in a huff and I returned to lunch duty with a chuckle and eyebrows once again in their rightful place.

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  1. This story is too precious. She will love reading this someday. I loved reading it today!


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