Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Oh, Croup!"

My children's enduring penchant for "potty talk" has affected my brain.

"Potty talk" seems to be a raging epidemic within the Jubilant household. Any excuse to use words associated with, well, bathroom humor (and I use those words together with an appropriate dose of hesitation), and my kids have thought them up and used them. Does anyone else out in the blog o'sphere have this problem? Please, tell me I'm not alone!

I can often be heard remarking, (evidently to no one in particular,) "That's enough with the potty talk, young man/lady." In one ear and out the other . . .

On a recent afternoon while on the phone with The Calm One and reciting the events surrounding Mark's Adventures with Croup from the previous night, I overheard Michael, a la stage whisper and eyes as big as they could possibly be, very seriously ask Cherie:

"You don’t think croupy cough is anything like poopy cough, do you?!" Spontaneous eruptions of laughter ensued. From me.

Sigh . . . I couldn’t help it, for some reason on that day at that moment, it was terribly funny!


  1. Oh my... You are not alone :) Potty talk is THE talk that gets the most laughs around here... What can I say? We have way too many boys here???

  2. Oh I'm with you, with two boys I'm constantly reminding them to back off on the flatulence jokes. I don't go for those at all.

  3. This is too funny! Oh, Croup! I love it. I might have to steal that one. :)


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