Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

Snacks are big here in the Jubilant household.

B - I - G.

And the kids always seem to need a snack just as we're heading out the door.

I keep a rather large container (a gallon ice cream bucket w/ lid and handle works well) with a pre-made snack mix inside. Then when snack time rolls around, out comes the bucket with the 1/2 c. measuring cup which resides inside the bucket. A scoop of the mix into a snack baggie (another great invention for portion control) for each child and out the door we go.

You can create your own mix depending on your tastes and health conscious tendencies. Here's what I use most often:

*Goldfish crackers or Cheezits
*marshmallows or M&Ms
*small pretzels
*cereal (I use Kix or Cheerios)

Happy Munching!

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  1. This is a GREAT idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great idea! I love the idea to make the mix and store it in a large container--I'm always grabbing a little bit of this and that right before we head out--what a timesaver! Mixes are great--fishing out the m&ms keeps my son occupied a little longer!

  3. Ooh! I really like this idea. I have a couple of ice cream buckets just kickin' around here. And I'm going to try your mix-- since I have those ingredients.


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