Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Water Park Wonderland

The Jubilant household took a long weekend and visited an indoor water park (courtesy of Mimi and Poppy -- my parents). We had a great time and what a great display of patience my parents showed toward us!

Highlights from the trip:

* My kids are constantly surprising me. Michael, our six year old, went down water filled chutes and enclosed tubes that were three and four stories high. If you'd have asked me at the beginning of the weekend if Michael would have done those things, I'd have said, "probably not." I honestly thought that we'd be spending most of our time in the "kiddie" pool. Sometimes kids just need the opportunity to surprise you.

* Children learn by example. Yes, I knew this already, but it hit home once again. The kids saw my attitude toward a new experience and reflected it back to me. My two oldest children are sometimes reluctant to participate in new experiences. This weekend was different.

* Sometimes you just need to accept the help offered. It probably is a pride issue for me, but I am often reluctant to accept help even when I need it most. And help with the kids is where I need it most.

Thanks Mom and Dad.

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  1. How fun! I know how hard it is to accept help with the kids...YAY for grandparents!

    Great blog! Nice to "meet" you.



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