Sunday, November 19, 2017

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Okay, okay, so I don't have any winners of any chicken dinners, but . . .

Thank you to all who shared their love of Winnie the Pooh and holiday traditions! For some reason, the comments you all left aren't showing up for me when I view the blog post, though they ARE there when I view my blogger dashboard. TECHNOLOGY!

Anyway, Congratulations to Beth and Lisa. You have each won a set of the "Goodbye Christopher Robin" journal and cinch sacks. If you would email me your snailmail address at, I can get those to you promptly!

Signing off for now since it's a busy, busy week for all of us.

May the Lord continue to bless you richly!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My Favortie Things: A Movie, A Tradition and A Giveaway!

It's that time of year when our thoughts turn toward all things wintry! Most delve right into Christmas decorating and celebrating as soon as Halloween is over. I like to take the time to enjoy Thanksgiving, so it's not merely a speed bump on the road to Christmas. Alas, it seems that I am in the minority.

Be that as it may, I have a new giveaway approaching and I didn't want you to miss it, so I am breaking my own rule of avoiding all things Christmas before Thanksgiving and posting about a movie that is definitely Christmas related. Read on to find the giveaway!

But first: let me tell you about MY favorite holiday movie (assuming The Man Who Invented Christmas won't replace it!):  It's a Wonderful Life.  Cliche? Well, maybe, but it's truly my favorite. Seriously, who can resist a movie that has it all:  Good vs. evil, family values, a bit of angst, funny one liners, a love story, physical comedy and a feel good ending? Sigh, I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. My children, on the other hand roll their eyes and make plans to do other things when I rev up the DVD player for this one. Sigh . . . Where did I go wrong with them?!  Well, maybe one day they will appreciate it as I do.

What they do enjoy, is another of our Christmas traditions. Helping out Samaritan's Purse with Operation Christmas Child. We love filling shoe boxes and picking out gifts to stuff inside. Then we pray for the children who will receive the boxes we send out with so much anticipation. You can find drop off locations and details for filling boxes of your own by clicking here. It's a worthy cause, so I hope you check it out.

 And now, for the giveaway!

I mentioned this movie in a previous post and told you I was somewhat skeptical, but trying to keep and open mind. As the release date approaches, I am getting more and more interested. Plus, HELLO! Christopher Plummer! Duh!

One of my favorite all time actors, Christopher Plummer from The Sound of Music, is starring alongside Dan Stevens from Beauty and the Beast and Downton Abbey (woot, woot!) in the upcoming family movie THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS, which releases in theaters just in time for Thanksgiving weekend!

Can you imagine Christmas without carols, giving, and the phrase “Bah Humbug?”  THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS tells the magical journey that led to the creation of Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim and other classic characters from “A Christmas Carol.”  This holiday film just may become another Christmas classic!

In support of the film’s release, I am partnering with other bloggers on a fantastic early Holiday Giveaway of beloved DVDs that feature the stars of our film. 

The giveaway includes a DVD combo-pack of the following movies:


You can find the Behind-the scenes Film Featurette by clicking here.

THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS releases in theaters on November 22.

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is comment below! Yup, it's that easy!


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Attic Space Amp Up

Need more space but cannot add on? Consider an area of the home that is often easy to remodel:  the attic. Before you begin your project, decide on a budget, then consult with a contractor to talk about the attic remodel cost. He or she may have insight into helping you keep within your budget.  Don't forget, you're going to want to have the attic inspected to ensure that there aren't any structural or functional issues that would hold you back from creating the room that you want.

Next, decide how you will use the space.

** Create a multipurpose room. One side could be a living area while the other side could be a bedroom or an office. Perhaps you need a tv room to watch the big game on the weekends. Possibilities abound if you have a large attic space; you can easily divide the area into several smaller rooms or one or two larger rooms. This would give you the most function for the money that you spend.

** Ramp up the volume with a music studio. Have a budding musician? He can practice until his heart is content up and away from the rest of the household. A few padded panels to deaden the sound from the other rooms and viola!

** Make a small apartment for a family member. Have someone who comes to visit often? That the person doesn't have to stay in a hotel if you have remodeled the attic space for them. You can install a half bath and bedroom or small living room with sleeping quarters.

** Install a luxurious bathroom. Ever visit a Bed and Breakfast or stay in a suite of rooms where the
bathroom felt like a spa? Fluffy towels, soft lighting, spacious Jacuzzi tub . . . who wouldn't want to indulge in that kind of sumptuous living? Remodeling your attic just may afford you that kind of luxurious indulgence.

Here are a few other tips in expanding your attic into living quarters:

*Let the sunlight into the home by opening the attic space and installing a skylight.

*Paint the walls white or light blue to make it feel like the area is larger.

*Consider replacing the steps with a curved design instead of those that lead straight up to the attic. It will seem like you're on a stairway to the sky instead of to a cramped room.

Don't be afraid to tear down a few walls while you're remodeling the attic space. It's a remodeling project because you're changing the look of the room from something that you don't like or need to something that you enjoy and that will bring function to the family or to visitors. The attic is often used as merely a storage space or one that goes neglected altogether, but there are many options in converting your attic.

Distracted Driving for Modern Motorists

Distraction And Today's Modern Drivers

"Distracted" is a word that is being used more and more often to refer to a type of modern driver that is causing accidents on the road. These accidents wouldn't have occurred 20 years ago because the things that are distracting modern drivers weren't available to them on the road back then. That's not
to say that other forms of distraction didn't cause plenty of accidents, but the number of things that distract drivers are beginning to outnumber the things that keep them focused on the road. It's something we need to continue to be vigilant about in order to protect ourselves and those around us.

Naturally, a drunk driver is distracted because they are intoxicated. That's a different problem altogether. This new breed of driver is distracted by the new kinds of technology that are springing up in modern automobiles. Uconnect and ApplePlay are two types of devices in the car today that put a connected visual device right in front of drivers and tempt them to take their eyes off the road. It's not just switching radio stations anymore. It's actual visual cues in the middle of the car that seem to be causing more accidents than perhaps the manufacturers believed these devices would cause.

Even when the devices are voice activated and can be used hands-off, it's possible for drivers to get so wrapped up in finding a new song, taking a new picture, or finding the right map that they forget they're supposed to be looking at the road. Scientists have worried about these types of things since the devices were installed in cars and the statistics have rapidly piled up in the past few years as some drivers have literally become so distracted that they've gravely injured themselves or others on the road.

This is no surprise to a good Oregon auto accident attorney. They've personally seen the devastation that distraction can cause on the road. It's their job to make sense of the accident itself, gather witnesses who can testify about the cause of the accident, and then seek justice for the people who were injured because of distracted driving. Thankfully, there are ways to help pick up the pieces when these accidents occur.

As more "connected" devices are installed in cars, the more things there are that will tempt the drivers of tomorrow. Please be careful while you drive. There is no substitute for your full attention to your driving.There is no substitute for staying alive and well and protecting those around you on the road.

Dear Reader,

I am so appreciative of your support for this blog. What a joy it is to write and to write for the ultimate purpose of glorifying the Lord. Also, sometimes the words just build up so much that I will explode if there isn't a creative outlet . . . Just keepin' it real.

On a slightly different note, in the future, you may see posts that differ from my usual topics. Perhaps you have already noticed a post or two of that nature already. My partnership with a blogging community has allowed me to vary my topics on occasion, and earn a bit of money in the process. I am excited to expand my networking and introduce you to a different type of writing than what I normally create. It will not be difficult to spot these types of posts. Rest assured, the integrity of the ol' blog will remain intact.


I was disappointed to not be able to review the movie "Goodbye Christopher Robin" before it hit theaters, but there is good news! I have two journals and two canvas cinch sacks (from the movie) to giveaway. That's right, I said, "Two!" If you would like to win one of these two sets (one cinch sack and one journal being a set), please leave a comment below with your favorite Thanksgiving tradition. I will announce the winner on Nov 19, 2017. At that time, I will ask you to email me with your mailing address so I can get those out to you. Excited to read your favorite family traditions for Thanksgiving!


Also coming up is the Wordsowers Christian Writers Convention in late winter/early spring! Wahoo! If you are a writer or even if you just have thought about writing a book, a memoir, or a letter of your experiences to leave to your grandchildren (cough, cough) then you will want to consider attending this conference. It's a smaller organization, with all levels of writers, so there's no need to be intimidated. Some attendees have never written a word and have been to this conference more than once. It's open to all. But it will give you an idea of where to start, how to continue or what to do next no matter where you are in your writing journey.  It's well worth the price of admission, I can tell you. Which is saying quite a bit from this cheapo frugal gal.

My children's book, tentatively titled, "David's Little Donkey" is shaping up nicely and I hope to be able to pitch it to editors and publishers at this convention. Prayers are appreciated!