Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tips For Moving With Children

Moving to a new home is never easy when you have children. They are anxious about their new surroundings, but they are also excited to help with the process. The following tips can help keep your children busy while making the move an easier experience for everyone.

Discuss The Move

You want to discuss the move with your children early to give them time to adjust to this change. Get them excited about decorating their new room and making new friends, but be sure to address any questions or concerns they may have about the move.

Give Them A Job

Children who are excited about the move want to help with the process. You can give younger children a job such as packing their stuffed animals or extra linen. Older children can help pack, seal and label the boxes, or they can keep an eye on the dog as you pack.

Pack A Special Box

Give your child a special box for packing their favorite things, such as their teddy bear, action figure or book. You can even let them decorate the box with crayons and stickers. Let your child take their special box in the car so they have it during the move.

Keep Them Occupied

A tablet with their favorite movie is sure to keep your child occupied for a few hours. If you would rather give them a hands-on project, ask them to draw a map of their new room. They can use crayons, stickers and snapshots to create their map on construction paper.

Hire Professional Movers

It is okay to enlist in help so you can spend more time with your child during the process. You can hire professional movers Morris County NJ to help you pack, load and unload your items. Your movers can even help you disassemble and assemble your furniture.

The moving process can be exciting and stressful for your children, so you want to go into the move with a cool head. You can get your children through the move by talking to them, keeping them occupied and hiring professional movers.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Choosing a Great Seafood Restaurant

seafood restaurant review platter fish shrimp

How Do You Choose a Great Seafood Restaurant?

Going to a seafood restaurant can be a bit more perilous than going to any other kind of restaurant. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure that you're choosing a high-quality establishment for your evening out. Here are just a few tips for finding and selecting a good seafood joint.

Look At Dishes, Not Restaurants

Let's say that you have an all-consuming love of shrimp. Rather than looking for a good seafood restaurant that just so happens to serve it, look for a place that's famous for its shrimp dishes. Not only will you get to enjoy your favorite dish, but restaurants that specialize in certain meals tend to have higher-quality food overall. The attention that they pay to their menu is reflected in everything else about the business, too.

Ask About Freshness

Fresh seafood is always better than something that's been packed on ice for a long time. However, restaurants can be dishonest when it comes to the shelf life of their salmon and trout. Don't be afraid to call them up and ask pointed questions about the freshness of their seafood. What body of water does it come from, and when is it delivered to the restaurant? How long do they keep it? How do they preserve it? If they can't answer, they aren't worth your time.

Read Customer Reviews

This is the most obvious way to determine the value and quality of a restaurant, but don't blindly believe everything that you read. Look at the reviews and ask yourself if they seem genuine. Does that complaining customer have a bone to pick with the business owner? Does that praise-filled review seem manufactured? Pay attention to the little details. They can help you determine truthfulness and trustworthiness.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you search for the best seafood Plano TX. While everyone will have different opinions on things like spices and garnishes, you can't disagree on the quality of fresh versus non-fresh seafood. Use these tips to make sure that you always enjoy the former.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Things. They Are A Changin'.

I was talking with a friend and we were commiserating over the difficulty in finding time to write. I talked specifically about this blog while she mentioned writing in general. I related that it seems easier to write for Omaha Moms Blog where I have a deadline and certain expectations. With my personal blog, I get to make up the rules and can be as relax or as strict as I desire. It's also a bit more difficult to write about my children, which were the catalyst for the blog.

In this time of life, where my children are teens and ever aware of being written about, it's tough to put on paper the "normal" anecdotal types of posts like when they were little. And, to be honest, there are fewer types of those kinds of things happening because their everyday struggles and triumphs are more grown up in nature. I sure don't want to have them feel like their lives are on display or only good for blog fodder. So, to maintain the bond of trust, I write less and less about them. In fact, I can't remember the last time I wrote about them on this blog. It's a little sad. But only in the same way that they are growing up in general and not little kids anymore kind of sad.

They are so fun. Funny. Talented. Caring. Thoughtful. I want to preserve their desire to remain somewhat anonymous as they navigate the beginning years of their adulthood. While it seems a bit silly to be too overly cautious when I see some of the things they are willing to post on social media about themselves . . . still it's their choice, not mine when it comes right down to it. All this to say, the blog has been changing in nature for quite some time. And while it's hard for me personally to come to terms with that, it's necessary.

I still plan on doing reviews, including some sponsored material, sharing my stories of writing fiction and personal victories and struggles. I hope you will continue to join me, if for no other reason than to be reminded that we're all in this together, God is in control and we are loved with an Everlasting Love.


Thursday, August 2, 2018

Options for Acne Sufferers

For many people, acne was a horrible experience they endured all through high school. Many were encouraged with the reassurance that acne would be a thing of the past. Yet, millions of adults deal with acne and it plagues their life in so many ways. If you are one of those adults, you've probably tried every over-the-counter drug available, perhaps even some prescriptions that just didn't work the way you'd hoped. Thankfully, there are a few things you can start doing that can make a huge difference.


If you spend a lot of time touching your face in any way, you can easily develop acne because of that contact. This goes beyond popping pimples, though popping certainly is a huge culprit. Many of us sit at our laptops or scroll through our phones while resting our chin in our left hand. Sound familiar? We wipe away tears with fingers instead of a tissue (::guilty::). Even though you can't see them, your hands collect tons of germs throughout any given day. When you transfer the germs to your face, this can easily cause irritation. As a result, your skin may break out. Train yourself to be aware of when you touch your face and then eliminate those habits.


Oftentimes, people are allergic to certain foods and they aren't even aware of it. It's a good idea to visit an allergist to find out if you have any allergies or food sensitivities. This might point to the reason why you're breaking out so much. While this is a recommended route, there are many who might not want to do that. You may be able to ascertain allergies on your own by taking a look at the foods you eat the most. Start to taper certain foods out of your diet and see if that makes a difference in your skin. Do a Google search to find out which foods are considered inflammatory. Acne is a result of inflammation so start with eliminating dairy or sugar. Experiment for a few weeks and test out different options.

Professional Assistance

Don't underestimate the power of putting your skincare into the hands of a professional. Too often, people try to fight acne on their own and become discouraged in the process. There are ways to deal with it on a professional level and get rid of it. If you've struggled with consistent acne over the years, consider visiting the denver skin clinic. You can start with a consultation and get further treatments. Understand that not everything will be cleared up within one treatment. If you remain consistent with your efforts, you can experience a dramatic difference in your skin.


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Rewrites and Rewatches

Hello Dear Reader!

Summer has found me knee deep in rewrites of my children's chapter book and YA fiction and rewatches of two of my favorite series: LOST and Downton Abbey. I also have been reading rather voraciously. Summer is the only time I can read for fun, so I indulge. While the kids are away, mama will play (and nap). Oh if only I could figure out a way to use my laptop while in the hammock! Ha!

I decided to try my hand at turning my Biblical fiction picture book ("David's Little Donkey") into a chapter book. It means losing big beautiful pictures like we've come to know and love when we think of picture books, but with picture books trending toward short and cutesy . . . I just couldn't cut enough to deliver the appropriate word count. It's not the first time (or last) that I've chosen to be wordy instead of concise. A-hem. So expanding it into a chapter book is now the order of the day. It is currently in the hands of a trusted author. I am hoping for an abundance of feedback so as to get better with my writing.

I've also pulled out a YA fiction manuscript that I'd put away for over a year. Maybe two. I am rewriting and incorporating what I've learned over the last couple of years or so. I am having fun going through and making it better. We'll see where the Lord has that going, if anywhere.

I just know that it's all in His hands and I'm trying to be obedient in using the gifts he's given me. I'll let Him take it from there.

As far as rewatches of my two faves . . . I am well into the second season of LOST and loving every minute of it. I tried watching LOST and Downton Abbey in tandem, but gave up and finished Downton before I could move forward with The Other (yes, that was a LOST reference - LOL). I have tried several other British series to feed the historical fanatic in me, and while entertaining, nothing has quite come close to Downton. I heard a rumor that there is going to be a movie. My heart is full.

That's the update, Dear Reader. I would love to hear how you are keeping yourself busy these dog days of summer.