Saturday, January 12, 2019

Choosing A Private School

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There are many factors that go into choosing a good school for your child. If you have decided that you think private school is going to be the better option for your son or daughter, you probably have your reasons for making that decision. Although the idea of sending your son or daughter to private school might seem like a good one, you might still be looking for advice. Helpful tips have been listed below to help you with sending your child to private school.

Know That Not All Private Schools are Created Equally

You might be under the impression that all private schools are better than all public schools. It's accurate that many parents prefer private schools in general over public schools when it comes to their children's education, but not all private schools are created equally. To help ensure that your son or daughter gets the best private school education Tampa Florida, make sure that you look at different private schools before choosing one. This will help your family choose the private school that will provide your child with the best educational opportunities.

Don't Be Afraid to Talk About Money

Some people think that the parents and staff at private schools are all stuffy and snobby. However, if your family is concerned about the cost of sending your child to private school, you should know that you aren't the only ones. This is a common concern, so it's nothing to be embarrassed about. If you want to ask about financial aid options or about tuition prices, you should do so. Asking questions and looking for help early can help you make private school a reality for your child while avoiding putting too much of a burden on your family's finances.

Take Full Advantage of What the School Has to Offer

Many private schools have a lot to offer their students, such as extracurricular activities or extra help for students who are struggling with their course work. To make sure your child is taking full advantage of what the school has to offer, make sure that you're aware of the opportunities that are available for your son or daughter and make sure that your family makes use of them.

Sending your child to private school has its advantages, but it can be overwhelming for a lot of families. The advice above should be helpful, though.

Friday, January 11, 2019

More Help In The Classroom

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Although a public school can offer the education that your children need, there are benefits of attending a private school as well. You might think that a private school is expensive, but there are some that don't require tuition or that have scholarships for those who want to attend. Before you make the decision to enroll your children in private school, weigh the positives and negatives so that you make the best decision for your family.

One benefit about private schools in Redmond WA is that there are smaller class sizes. This means that it will likely be easier for your children to meet new people and to get help from the teachers when it's needed. Since there are smaller class sizes, the teachers can usually focus more on the lessons and educational activities in the classroom.

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 Many private schools are smaller than a public school. They don't have as many classrooms or buildings overall on the property. This can provide a safer environment for students. There are usually more adults on the campus of a private school, which means that issues can be resolved quickly. There is often more involvement from the parents at a private school. The teachers want parents to interact in the classroom and at special functions. Schools try to make students and parents feel like they are part of a solution instead of like they are part of any other ordinary school. They want to make the school feel like it's a community.

Tuition that is collected at private schools is often used to purchase enrichment activities and to promote more classes and resources that benefit the students. There is assistance available to help students succeed so that they can be prepared for high school and college courses. Teachers work with the students to help them discover what they are good at and the careers that they might be successful in after they graduate.


Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday Soul Stirrings - Finding Joy Despite Holiday Disappointments

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(For more thoughts and tips on how to navigate through divorce, please click here for a complete list of posts.)

This year my children were supposed to spend Christmas with their father. They didn't. They took the devastating news like champs. My children have become rather stoic about so many things and the circumstances surrounding not getting to be with their dad during his visitation is one of them.

As I listened to the speaker call with their dad from the doorway, trying to not be intrusive, and yet wanting them to know I was near, I felt well-springs of emotions. All kinds of emotions. Hurt for them, but happiness that I would get to be with them. Aggravation over the circumstances which prevented their visit with him, but elation that I'd get to see the delight in their eyes when they opened gifts from me and my parents and various other relatives on Christmas morning rather than two weeks later or two weeks before Christmas.

I also felt a tremendous load of responsibility. Responsibility to make up for their missed opportunity in not getting to spend time with their dad. I struggled with just how much time and energy do I put out trying to make their visitation with their father a reality, since he wasn't doing the same himself? Is that something I must do?

My immediate reaction was to plan the heck out of the last couple of weeks of November and the entire month of December. We'd do tons of stuff that we wouldn't normally do. They'd be so busy that they would forget their heartbreak.

And then I remembered

I'm an extreme introvert. So climbing out of my comfort zone, even for those I love, is stressful for me. Even when I WANT to step outside my comfort zone. My body no longer reacts normally to stress of any kind, even the good, exciting kinds of things become stressful in negative ways. But I determined to push past obstacles, plan and be present for my children.

I had to be careful not to set a precedent that I couldn't duplicate in the future. Money is always an issue for single parents. For married parents too, of course, but especially single parents. While I chose to spend a bit of extra money on activities we might not normally participate in (all day laser tag anyone?), I don't know if in the future I'd be able to spend the money. Financial situations can change at a moment's notice. I always have to be mindful of that. I didn't want to create unrealistic expectations in my children and then have them disappointed in me for not duplicating that in the future.

I don't want to short change my children's grieving process. There is true, honest to goodness grief that my kids stare down when they don't get their holiday with their dad. While I want to cushion the blow best I can, it would be irresponsible to completely take away the opportunity for them to develop healthy coping mechanisms for themselves. My job is not to shield them from disappointments and challenges, rather to guide them to healthy ways to deal.

It's not my responsibility to make up for any real or imagined lack on their father's part. Perhaps one day, I will change my mind: for now, in the tenuous relationship of co-parenting, I don't feel I should bend over backward to make visitations with their father a reality when he does not. So, for now, I am sticking to our divorce decree (that we both agreed upon) pretty much to the letter.  Had circumstances been beyond his control, this would be an entirely different post.

 Finding the Joy

So, what did I do, you may ask, dear reader. I planned several big outings and several more smaller activities as I knew I could handle them. I made sure they were surrounded by friends and family often. That we remained faithful to our routines, especially going to church to hear The Word. I conferred with a trusted friend so often that she probably got tired of me. I called my parents. A lot.

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And I prayed. Still do. Pray I handled the situation with wisdom and grace. Pray that through our faith in Christ my children experience the balm of healing. Pray that my children forget not getting to go to their dad's. And pray that they remember the laughter, the singing, the game nights, pizza and movie afternoons, and all the really REALLY bad puns we came up with along the way.


Sunday, December 16, 2018

Join Me! OMB December Post

I'm over at Omaha Moms Blog today talking about a few tips on how to help stave off loneliness over the holidays! Please join us. Here is a quick peek:

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"Feel all the feels. Empty an entire box of tissues, if you need to. Listen to all the sad songs on Pandora. And then determine to do. Being active, constructive, and giving of yourself. The good news is that it gets easier. The holiday after you use up the whole tissue box, you might find you only need half a box of tissues. Progress, no matter how little, is still progress. Cut yourself some slack."

After reading, you can hop back over here and comment on ways you avoid loneliness regardless of your marital status and the time of year. We'd love to hear from you!


Sunday, December 2, 2018

OMB Blog post -- Join Me!

Need something fun and different to do this holiday season? Try (or just learn about) some of these Christmas traditions from around the world and right here in your own backyard. Click here to read more!

Here's a sneak peek:

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"There is a village in Peru that encourages its people to settle all conflicts by fist fighting on Christmas Eve. Have a grudge from earlier in the year that didn’t get resolved to your satisfaction? Well, then, take it to the streets. Once the fighting is over, everyone starts with a clean slate for the next year. While this may be tempting for some in your family, allowing this tradition may make for some awkward Christmas photos!"

Pop back over here to leave your comments on your wacky traditions!